Smooth Wall Bins

Harvest AG Smooth Wall Bins are designed to offer optimum seed storage in a variety of sizes. Our Smooth Wall design allows for easy unloading with complete clean out of bins, while ensuring no commodities are trapped on bolts or ribs. By using only high quality domestic steel, epoxy primer & hardened enamel exterior finish, our skilled production team is proud to stand behind their workmanship. Harvest AG Smooth Wall Bins are designed to provide safe and economical seed grain storage.

Harvest AG Smooth Wall Bins Standard Features

  • Welded Seam Construction
  • 40 Degree Cone Bottom
  • Cone Manhole
  • Rack & Pinion Slide Gate
  • 36″ Discharge Clearance
  • Probe Hole – For Seed Sampling
  • Outside Ladder
  • Ground Control Lid
  • 3 Site Glasses
  • 35 Degree Roof
  • Roof Manhole
  • Roof Vent
  • Epoxy Primer & Enamel Topcoat
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Smooth Wall Bins
4100bushel smooth wall bins

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Rack and Pinion Slide Gate

Rack and Pinion Slide Gate is standard on all of our Smooth Wall Bins

Advantages of Smooth Wall Bins

Safe & Easy Storage

The Smooth Wall design with hopper cone makes unloading easy and safe. Stand back and watch. No shoveling. No breathing dust. No sweep augers or grain vacs that can damage your expensive seed grain.

Versatile Storage

Designed to accommodate any type of dry flowable seed product.

Clean Storage

Fully welded seam construction make it easy to keep contaminates & bugs out of your expensive seed grain.

No Assembly

Bins are built and delivered as a finished product. Our custom bin moving trailer make it easy to stand bins upright on site.

Resale Value

Smooth Wall bins are moveable and built to last and hold a strong resale value.

Premium Finish

Macropoxy primer with hardened enamel finish. Available in custom colors.

Optional Items

  • Bean Ladders
  • Ladder Cage & Handrails
  • Aeration Systems
  • Skids foundation
  • Auger Boots
Ladder Cage on Smooth Wall Bin

Ladder Cage

Bean Ladder within Smooth Wall Bin

Bean Ladder

Aeration Fan on Smooth Wall Bin


Smooth Wall Bin Delivery

Harvest AG’s custom bin delivery trailer allows us stand most bins upright without any assistance.

Smooth Wall Bin Capacities

16′ Diameter Bins – 40° Cone Bottom

Model Bushels Cubic Feet Bin Height Min Conveyor
SW1615 3250 3830 30’6″ 57′
SW1620 4100 4835 35’6″ 60′
SW1625 4950 5840 40’6″ 70″

12′ Diameter Bins – 45° Cone Bottom

Model Bushels Cubic Feet Bin Height Min Conveyor
SW1205-45 775 916 18’1″ 35′
SW1210-45 1250 1481 23’1″ 40″
SW1215-45 1735 2047 28’1″ 57″

12′ Diameter Bins – 55° Cone Bottom

Model Bushels Cubic Feet Bin Height Min Conveyor
SW1205-55 860 1015 20’3″ 35′
SW1210-55 1340 1580 25’3″ 45″
SW1215-55 1820 2145 30’3″ 57″

Bushel capacities are approximate.