Corrugated Hopper Bin Packages

Corrugated Bins – Stiffened or Non-Stiffened

Need a grain bin with the hopper?

We are dealers for several brands of corrugated grain bins that fit onto our hoppers and make an excellent grain storage system.

We are dealers for “Golden Grain” bins and Superior” grain bins.

We have put hopper and bin packages together for customers over the years. Contact Us to discuss the many options that we offer to meet your needs including sizes, bushel capacity and stiffened or non-stiffened bin options.

Our grain bins come stiffened or non-stiffened depending on preference or application. In wet storage situations or for high-use bins such as overhead or tall sidewall bins, we recommend using stiffened bins.

Corrugated bins have the option of a ground control lid which is safer and very user-friendly, especially in a high-use applications.

Bin and Hopper Packages come in a variety of sizes starting at 12’ Diameter up to 27’ Diameter with bushel capacity ranging from 1,000 bushels up to 15,000 bushels.

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